5 Image Management Strategies to Efficiently Work from Home

5 Image Management Strategies to Efficiently Work from Home

March 17, 2020

We are facing an unprecedented situation with the recent pandemic affecting humans without any discrimination. Isolating oneself and working from home is the need of the hour, for our own and other’s safety.

Let us look at 5 image management strategies to help you become more efficient while working from home.

  1. Discipline & Schedule
    . Wake up at a scheduled time. Plan and schedule your work within your office hours
    . Try and get a quick home workout before you start your day, it will keep you energized and active through the day.
  2. Dedicated Workspace
    . Create a dedicated workspace which is neat and in order.
    . Avoid sitting on the bed or a couch, as it will impact your productivity.
    . Ensure you sit on a chair with a table. Sit up straight with shoulders squared. Positive body language influences our mind and hence helps us be more productive.
    . Also, in case you need to connect with a client or a colleague over a video call, you will look much more professional sitting at a desk or table and against a neutral background without any clutter.
  3. Grooming
    . Ensure you have taken care of basic grooming practices before you start your work.
    . Wear slightly formal clothing. For example, a collared T-shirt or anything that makes you feel good. Definitely avoid working in your PJs!
    . In case of unplanned video calls, it’s a good idea to remain presentable. Wear clothes which are neat yet comfortable.
  4. Communication
    . Ensure you have a dedicated workstation having less disturbance and external noise.
    . At the same time, in case any family member tend to disturb or walk in during a video call, do not lose your cool or get embarrassed. Your customers and colleagues understand the situation. However, it may be helpful if you discuss this with your family and avoid any disturbance.
  5. Invest your time well
    . Working from home would mean you save a lot of time spent while traveling.
    . Even though this may be a great time to “Netflix and Chill”, do balance your time well.
    . Take up online courses, learn a new skill, read, listen to podcasts, and utilize this time more efficiently.

We hope you found these simple hacks useful and make the most of the situation. Stay safe.

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