7 Self-Presentation Strategies while Working From Home

7 Self-Presentation Strategies while Working From Home

May 22, 2020

Looking at the latest developments, we may continue to spend more time working from home in the near future. Let us look at few tips that will help us dress more appropriately for the work from home situation.

  1. Importance of Dressing while working from home

    Even though we are working from home, it is important to understand and respect the fact that we are still at work, even though it is virtually. While we engage with clients, seniors or colleagues, we are representing our own personal brand and showcasing our professionalism.

  2. Impact on Self & Productivity

    Earlier we had a routine before we reached office. Waking up, getting dressed, commuting to work – these steps prepared us mentally to be more productive. Today, we may not have a defined routine. So it is important to create and stick to a similar routine in the morning to transition from home to work mode.

    Also, there has been enough research that proves that how we dress impacts our state of mind. When we dress more appropriately, we are able to focus better at the task at hand. Most importantly, this professional mindset helps us increase our productivity. While it is important to be comfortable, we may have experienced that being too comfortable may not necessarily mean more productivity.

  3. Elevates your mood

    When you dress well, it almost immediately lifts your mood. So wear your favorite shirt or blouse or dress. When you look good you feel good. When you dress up, it also communicates to your family members that this is time for you to be at work and hopefully it sets the tone for you and them.

  4. Industry expectations

    Every industry has their own set of expectations in terms of dress code. Service industries and those in client facing roles are expected to be dressed more professionally as compared to product based companies.

    While working from home you need not wear a full suit and tie, however having a jacket handy can help for a first meeting with a prospective client or an internal meeting with senior management or while delivering a webinar. For example a wealth manager connecting with a prospective HNI for managing their funds or a trainer connecting with their participants for an online training program is a good opportunity to dress up.

    For product based industries you can dress more comfortably, yet the clothes you choose to work in need to be different from the clothes you would normally wear while lounging at home.

  5. Balance between Comfort and Professionalism

    While you want to feel comfortable, it is important to dress in a way that makes you feel competent, motivated and energized. It needs to be visually different from what you dress in at home over the weekend. Choose clothes that can quickly be dressed up with a blazer or accessories.

    Some options are as under:

    • Collared T-Shirts
    • Half Sleeve or Full Sleeve Shirts
    • Chinos or Comfortable Trousers
    • Jacket if required

    • Collared T-Shirts
    • Blouses with sleeves
    • Tops with scarfs
    • Cotton Trousers or Skirts
    • Tunic or Mandarin Collar Kurta teamed with legging

  6. Grooming

    When you attend a video call, you want to present yourself in the best light. When we do not look well groomed, people might feel we have taken this interaction rather casually. Hence ensure your hair is neatly styled, your skin looks fresh. Men ensure your facial hair is well groomed. Women can opt for minimal makeup. Some BB Cream, kajal and tinted lip balm can do the trick.

  7. Dressing for a video call

    It is advisable to wear solid colors for video calls, while avoiding prints like checks, stripes, and florals. Prints get pixelated and are difficult to look at. Also avoid shiny fabrics like satin that reflects light. Avoid colors that may blend into background. Also it is advisable to avoid chunky and noisy Jewelry to avoid disturbance on the audio. A scarf can be an interesting option instead.

    Work from home will be a reality in the near future. Use these tips to keep your productivity high and your mood elevated.

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