10 Image Management Strategies for Video Calls

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10 Image Management Strategies for Video Calls

April 2, 2020

In the current situation, video calls have become an integral part of business continuity. These could be interactions between your existing colleagues and customers or with people you are connecting for the first time. Let us look at 10 strategies to create the right impression over video calls. A. Before the call – Preparation Camera […]

Professional Dressing – in the Modern Business World

March 9, 2020

Clothing creates a powerful visual impression.  Whether it is Prime Minister Modi using the jacket as an extension of his personal brand or Bollywood actress Rekha, donning her iconic silk sarees or Steve Jobs and his signature look. Since many organisations are relaxing their dress code policies, there is a lot more than needs to […]

ABCD Model of Personal Branding

January 7, 2018

Personal Branding can be best explained through the ABCD Model A Appearance The way you dress and groom B Behaviour (Professional conduct, etiquette and social protocol) The way you conduct yourself should be in sync with your personal brand strategy. They way you behave with others, is how others will behave with you. C Communication […]