Identifying your Personal Brand

Identifying your Personal Brand

January 1, 2018

In the previous blog we spoke about the importance of Personal Branding for individuals in this highly competitive and global world. Let us now look at how we can create our own Personal Brands.


1. Authenticity – Create a brand that stands for the real you. Your true personality, values and strengths.
2. Unique – What makes you stand out? What are the skills and qualities that are unique to you?
3. Relevant – Identify from the qualities that you possess, what makes you compelling? What are the qualities that make you ideal for the job / role / opportunity?


1. List down your short-term (3 years) and long-term goals (10 years). Your goals should include your professional and personal goals.
2. List down the skills, qualities and characteristics you need, to help you achieve those goals. These words form the basis of your “Personal Brand”
3. Design your Personal Brand using the ABCD Model

We will speak more about the ABCD Model in our next blog.

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