Corporate Solutions

žLatest research says people create an impression about us in 3 seconds. This impression could be our last impression in the minds of our clients, seniors and subordinates. In today’s competitive arena developing a sustainable brand is of utmost importance. Employees are often regarded as the most influential brand ambassadors of an organization.

Through our “Executive Presence” programs we develop “branded” employees who project a consistent image through their impactful and impressive interactions with other clients, employees, and prospective employees.



Corporate Dress Code
An employer or employee who does not take the effort to maintain a professional appearance portrays the image of being incapable. Learn to Dress for Success. Learn about acceptable and appropriate dressing for Business, Business Casuals and Casual dressing. We also help you design dress code policies in tandem with the vision, mission and goals of the company.

Corporate Etiquette
Etiquette is nothing but acceptable norms and they usually differ based on culture, country and company. We conduct various corporate etiquette programs including Communication etiquette (meeting, email, and telephone), social etiquette (greeting, gifting, and dining) and Cross cultural etiquette to enhance the quality of your employee interactions.

Corporate Grooming
The importance of grooming as a silent communicator is undoubted. Our program ensures that your employees have impeccable grooming standards and thus succeed in projecting the right company image through all interactions.

Art of Effective Communication
Communication is truly an art which can be developed with awareness and practice. Our program gives your employees an edge with its focus on Interpersonal Communication, Business Communication, Presentation Skills, and Public Speaking as well as Nonverbal communication.

Organization Branding
The way you present yourself and the substance of your communications speaks volumes about your company’s credibility. We help organisations reflect their brand through employees, office environment, logo, company website, web presence, intranet, newsletters, stationery, policies and procedures, dress code. This helps create a consistent and effective image of the company in the eyes of the employees, clients and all other stakeholders.