Individual Solutions

Given that each person is unique, we provide customized solutions by taking into account various factors about our client. We follow a thorough process of conducting different clinics and consultations to bring out an authentic, appropriate and attractive image.

Lifestyle Clinic

The Lifestyle Clinic thoroughly analyzes your lifestyle, roles and goals, thus forming the basis of the entire consulting process. This helps the consultant understand you and optimally utilize your resources to create an appropriate and authentic image.

Personal Style Clinic

The Personal Style Clinic helps analyze your personal style based on your physical characteristics, clothing characteristics and personality. Clothing styles are recommended after plotting your personal style on the Yin-Yang continuum.

Personal Colour Analysis

This clinic helps analyse your personal colouring after which, a personal colour palette is recommended. You can harmoniously be a part of your compositions, like a piece of art, by knowing the exact colours that work for you.

Body Shape Analysis

One must always dress as per their body shape and proportion. This clinic helps evaluate your body shape and equip you to dress by applying principles of design to suit your body shape. We help you emphasize your best and downplay your figure variations.

Cluster Planning Clinic

Learn how a fewer pieces of clothing can effortlessly be coordinated for every occasion. Maximize the value of money spent on your wardrobe and accessories, while saving time and energy on deciding what to wear.

Wardrobe Evaluation & Re-organisation

Evaluate your existing wardrobe Discard clothes and accessories that do not work for you Accommodate the right kind of clothes and accessories. We will help streamline and personalize your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle.

Personal Shopper

Personal shopper services help you in putting together a workable wardrobe using a calculated approach. Get expert advice and unbiased opinion on the right kind of clothes and accessories to suit your needs.

Styling Session

We help the client put together the existing and new clothes and accessories to create different looks to suit the various occasions of his / her life.


Grooming and hygiene practices are silent communicators which speak volumes about a person. This session would include personalized recommendations for hairstyle according to face shape, perfumes and colognes and other personal care products.


We not only coach our clients to be effective verbal communicators but also bring about awareness and improvements in their body language. We also train our clients to read the body language of others. Thus the communication will be more impactful and effective.