ABCD Model of Personal Branding

ABCD Model of Personal Branding

January 7, 2018

Personal Branding can be best explained through the ABCD Model

A Appearance
The way you dress and groom

B Behaviour (Professional conduct, etiquette and social protocol)
The way you conduct yourself should be in sync with your personal brand strategy. They way you behave with others, is how others will behave with you.

C Communication (Verbal Communication and Body Language)
Your verbal communication as well as body language needs to send out key messages. For example if being confident is your brand attribute, convey this is your body language as well.

D Digital Presence (your online impression linkedin, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc)
Use the online space for showcasing your knowledge and skill sets. Write blogs, participate in relevant groups and discussions.

Your personal brand needs to be consistent across all 4 aspects. It is a long term process and needs continuous effort.

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