“Executive Presence” – The Missing Link between Merit and Success

“Executive Presence” – The Missing Link between Merit and Success

December 25, 2017

In a study conducted at Harvard University, it was found that a person’s success depends 15% on technical skills and whooping 85% is based on soft skills. Even though a lot of people deserve to become the CEO or get a promotion based on their skills, expertise, knowledge, they may not get the coveted title. In today’s fast moving, competitive and global world, possessing knowledge may not help a person grow in their career and become successful.

The missing link between merit and success is often Executive Presence. Executive Presence is also called ones invisible resume. It goes way beyond ones qualifications or knowledge. EP is the entire package. It comprises of an individual’s personality, charisma, ability to connect with people, composure, confidence and a lot more.

A lot of qualities associated with EP are intangible. It is our Personal Brand that can create a tangible persona in the eyes and minds of people.

Companies invest crores of rupees, time and strategy on branding activities in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and to create a distinct impression in the minds of customers. Similarly, individuals need to create our Personal Brand to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

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